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Join in, take part, and ride with the vibe!

Our shows are the essence of Vibe105! Bringing some of the best and newest on-air personalities straight to you and your area! We have an amazing line up throughout each and every week that gives you the energy and excitement you need tailored for each time and day. Starting from the morning, carrying you to the evening, and lastly throughout midnight.

Check out our amazing and most talented hosts and their shows below!


Dee dee in the morning



DeDe McGuire is the host! Lady Jade and Michael Shawn serve as co-host! The show airs Monday through Friday 5am till 10am. Like many morning shows, it’s a mix of silly and serious! Discussions ranging from news topics, hip-hop culture, events, and comedy bits!

Catch the hilarious “Mad Minute” skit in which listeners prank call friends and relatives. Stirring them up into bleeped-out freenzies, or the nail-biting “Date Fail”! A first date that didn’t end well!

Monday - Friday : 5am - 10am


Thr33 in the mid-days



Join The Homie Thr33 each an every weekday 10am till 2pm kicking off each morning with the Top 10 @ 10. Chosen exclusively through the listening audience via request line. Vibing your way to the lunch time mix with special guest DJs serving up an appetizing blend of Non-Stop Hip-Hop & RnB to get you through lunch into the afternoon!

You never know who may pop up and be a special guest with topics on the current state of hip-hop. Neither will you know what flow you may get with The Homie Thr33 A.K.A. “Old Man Jack”, A.K.A. “Brodie Osmosis”!

Check out the show and let The Homie Thr33 take you through the middle of your day with some great music, stories, and vibes!

Monday - Friday : 10am - 2pm


on fire afternoons



On Fire Afternoons with “Your Girlfriends Favorite DJ”, DJ Firestarter! Live Weekdays 2PM - 6PM. Firestarter delivers the aggressive afternoon vibe to help you wrap up the work day and is guaranteed to keep you vibing throughout your evening!

The Vibe Ride @ 5 provides high energy lit mix with special guest DJs! Always the one with the creative flair, Firestarter, lands signature punchline drops keeping the guest and audience on the edge of, “What tag-line will we hear next!”

If you are looking for the hottest tracks and some fire on-air energy, On Fire Afternoons is a must!

Monday - Friday : 2PM - 6PM


laff @ night



The evening drive time is powered by Laff @ Night with your host, DJ Last Laff. Whether you are at home, going to a dinner, with family and friends, or just need a really good laugh; Last Laff will definitely entertain you!

I’m telling you it is crazy! We got all the jokes and we want all the smoke! Laff @ Nite invades the airwaves on weeknights 6pm - 10pm with the hottest shows in the country! Brining the local area up to speed with the world. This guy is a fool! You’ve gotta tune in!

Also, just to let you know, Laff @ Nite WCW is S-E-R-I-O-U-S!!! Check it out and be ready, you will not regret!

Monday - Thursday : 6PM - 10PM

Friday - Saturday : 6PM - Midnight