Throwback Thursday Every Thursday At Plum Lounge



Vibe105 bringing more events for you always! Throwback Thursday party is being held at Plum Lounge each & every Thursday! If you want to hear a good set of music to take you back in time, you wouldn’t want to miss this! Vibe Guys will be live in the mix to give you a great evening! Come and enjoy!

Event Details

  • Location: Plum Lounge - 1186 Montgomery Highway, Dothan, AL. 36303

  • Time: Each & Every Thursday, 6PM - 2AM

  • Happy Hour: 7pm - 9pm

  • Catering: Light appetizers & finger food by Chef Kym

  • More Info: Call 334-798-4733 Or 334-699-5082

Come and have a great time at Vibe105’s Throwback Thursday evening!