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Connect with your audience

Advertising with Vibe105 helps you directly connect to an audience that abolutely loves what we do and what we stand for. When you advertise on Vibe105 you are not only helpin gyour business gain potential customers, you are helping us in our commitment to serve the community.



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Connected community

Vibe105 is and will always be community driven and supportive because that is what we really care for!

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Loyal Audience

We have a strong and loyal audience base within and outside our community!

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Attractive Radio Shows

Great shows that many listeners enjoy and keeps them coming back all the time!

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Strategic Marketing Reach

Adding us to your market strategy enhances your efforts reaching an incredible audience!

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Quality Production

Our commercials, liners, and promos are crafted with all elements of your brand and our creativity!


Advertising Packages


Starter Pack

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60 - 100 commercials

2 to 4 week campaign

Perfect for local clients and businesses around to get your message across to the our amazing audience.

Radio Show Pack

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112 commercials

60 Live Mentions per week

125 Promos & Liners

(Monday - Friday, 6am - 10pm)

This powerful package helps make a strong impact on the airwaves, and is more effective when targeted according to our different shows!

Sponsorship Pack

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100 commercials

720 sponsorship intros

(Everyday, 6am - 10pm)

Take advantage of one of our best and most effective offers by becoming a sponsor to put you in the best position to reach your perfect audience.



Studio Naming Rights

This amazing package we offer gives you Official Studio Naming Rights with Vibe105, and the most effective amount of commercials aired the most times throughout the day. Your business owns the intro, and your business name will be given in the phrase "Broadcasting Live from (Your business name) Studios" With this exclusive offer we have 3 different packages below!



Gold - Vibe105_00000.png

90 Commercials

Aired 7 times/day

(Monday - Friday, 6am-10pm)


Platinum - Vibe105_00000.png

120 Commercials

Aired 7 times/day

(Mon-Fri, 6am-10pm)


Diamond - Vibe105_00000.png

210 Commercials

Aired 7 times/day

(Mon-Fri, 6am-10pm)


 Advertising with us

At Vibe105 we focus to support the community, the people, and the business. In order to do this we focus our advertising efforts to be best targeted for each and every particular business to get the best results from our audience that we reach!


Top Service

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